Best Thanksgiving Leftover Meals

Nov 19, 2018

It’s the day after the party…now what? Foods from holiday meals stored properly can be such a tasty time saver. Make it easy to get back on track by portioning out higher calorie items and pairing them with lower calorie dishes, and use those tasty leftovers to slide through busy days to come. Here are some easy ways to use those festive favorites:


From sandwiches to soup to casseroles, the sky’s the limit on your turkey choices!  Remove the skin and pay attention to what you partner this protein with. Look for whole grain breads and tortillas for your sandwiches and wraps, higher fiber pasta or brown rice for casseroles, and don’t forget the veggies (and fruits!). Consider three out of five food groups for meals with turkey being one of them, and you can get really creative with some flavorful meals.


Whether mashed, baked, sweet, or any other version, use this veggie for “day after” breakfast, in casseroles, “as is”, or even in soup.


Precooked squash is the best! For soup, in a colorful salad, or eaten in a mixed dish, you benefit from color, taste, and nutrition, too.

Green Bean Casserole

Reimagine this classic with a new recipe, or simply reheat and enjoy “as is”. Leftover vegetable side dishes pair nicely with so many other new entrees and dinner ideas, you can’t go wrong. This is also a great “leftover” that becomes an easy snack to reheat and eat, too.


Leftover pie? Cut into small pieces and freeze individually for an unexpected treat in days to come, or simply enjoy a smaller piece the day after the holiday.  You can also create a new version of pie with other fun leftovers, like cranberry sauce.

Leftovers are a wonderful way to save time and manage what could otherwise be wasted food.  What favorite new dish will you create this year?

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