Celebrating our moms all month and all year – Happy Mother’s Day!

Apr 29, 2019

Moms do so much for us every single day. What can we do to make her know how much we appreciate her this year? Try these FRESH and fun ways to celebrate and show how much you care.

Freshen up mealtime with local favorites. Seasonal fruits and veggies are a great way to keep menus interesting all year, and May is the perfect time for a menu reboot to change it up with the seasons. Review what the options are and plan the rest of the menu with seasonal produce as the star. This also puts your nutrition needs well underway since www.choosemyplate.gov reminds us that we should have half our plates filled with beautiful and delicious fruits and veggies along with the other important food groups.

Reboot the vegetables – there’s an app(etizer) for that. When planning a special menu for mom, make her health a priority with easy veggie dishes to start the meal. From zesty salsa in place of dips, to baby carrots and grape tomatoes with a little dressing on the side, it doesn’t have to be hard to be tasty and nutritious.

Enjoy each other’s company and cook together. The gift of time is rare these days, so why not spend it together having fun preparing a meal? Start by picking a menu together, or let Mom choose the recipe. To make it feel more special, invite mom to participate as much or as little as she’d like, and/or with a little supervision and direction, the kids can do it “all”.

Serve the rainbow. This goes back to the fruit and vegetable selections. In addition to seasonal favorites, make sure the choices cover more than one color, because each color of the rainbow provides a unique mix of nutrients that also taste great with the other food groups, from grains to dairy to protein. It also helps keep things beautiful on the table, too.

Have a fruit-abulous dessert. Dessert can be decadent and is a treat, so why not layer in a little fruit for a nutritious boost? Serve fresh berries with ice cream, layer fruit and yogurt in a parfait glass, or make individually portioned treats for each person at the party.

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