“Eggs-tra” Special Ideas

Apr 1, 2019

Eggs are on the menu this spring for holiday celebrations, brunch, and more. Here are some of the eggs-cellent reasons to include them in your plans this season:

Excellent versatility. Whether hard boiling, creating an omelet or frittata, or incorporating into other dishes or baked goods, eggs work well on the menu for an easy day to day option that is also fancy enough for a more formal meal.  It’s an ingredient and an entrée all in one, depending on your needs.

Great nutrition.  Eggs provide protein, choline and lutein, as well as 13 vitamins and minerals for about 70 calories per egg.  Whether talking about mental of physical performance, eggs can be a helpful part of the menu across our lifespan.

Good on a budget.  Eggs are an option for so many budgets, as they are inexpensive. Think creatively if having a larger party, and consider a breakfast theme regardless of time of day! Breakfast for dinner is fun for a busy weeknight, and it’s affordable for a larger, special get together. Another bonus is the ability to prepare something like an egg casserole or frittata to put into the oven so the host/hostess can join the festivities while it cooks.

Super easy to prepare. As with all foods, food safety is an important consideration when cooking. Remember to wash hands before and after handling any raw ingredients, separate cooked from raw foods, and clean kitchen thoroughly through meal and snack preparation. Eggs are a nutritious, easy way to bring a tasty meal to the table in many ways.

What egg dish is your favorite?

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