Happy Halloween!

Oct 1, 2018

Happy Halloween!

You don’t need to choose between managing your health and enjoying Halloween. Here are a few easy and impactful tips (with no tricks!) to treat yourself this year:

Portion your “potions." A super simple way to keep treats in a balanced menu plan is to consider its size. Smaller sized candies come packaged individually for you and the kids. Choose your favorites and enjoy one or two. Compare a couple of your favorites to see which has a better calorie and nutrition profile. You may be surprised how different the nutrition facts panels look between choices that seem so similar. It’s also easy to portion out items from a bigger bag of bite-size candies. Buy a festive reusable snack container and portion out your snack choice instead of eating out of the big bag. Tiny tweaks like these can add up to great savings in terms of calories and “extras” that aren’t usually part of the plan.

Plan for treats. Speaking of plans, in addition to choosing a portion-controlled item like a small candy bar, there is another easy way to make the Halloween menu not so scary. Take note of condiments, side dishes, and other foods within meals and think about where you can swap the seasonal treats for something else. If chips were on the menu for lunch, take those out to fit in that candy. If a fried food or creamy side was a thought for dinner, see if you can add in a steamed or stir fry veggie and a baked or roasted food instead of the fried item. Don’t forget that being active is an important weekly choice during the holiday season, too.

Be choosy. Truly enjoy your treat. Eat the ones you like the most and skip the ones that you don’t. This might seem obvious, but it’s easy when candy and other holiday treats are brought into work or school. Take a moment to think about what you really want, follow the portion and planning tips above, and take that treat if you really want it. Holidays come once a year. It’s what happens before and after that one treat that can make a big difference.

Enjoy the day. Sometimes, it can feel like the hardest part is to stop the party food eating when the party is over. Part of the planning tips for trick or treating and any fall festivities can be to think about what happens after the party. Can you freeze the leftover candy and food? Is it something you want to share with guests? Would you be happy portioning it out to last over time? Think about strategies like this to help manage the food that’s left after everyone else is gone. Then, when it comes time to the actual day and party, you can smile and enjoy the moment knowing you are ready for the next few days (and parties/holidays) to come.

What is your favorite way to manage Halloween treats?

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