Meal Prep Hacks for an Organized Week

Jan 28, 2019

Looking for new ways to make better choices? Check out these 10 hacks to help make each week easier and better:

  1. Cook ahead. Make meals that freeze well and cook them when you have time. Serve for a meal that day and then divide the rest into individual containers that can be taken for lunches the next few days and/or put into the freezer for quick, portioned meals on your busiest of days.
  2. Learn a few new herbs and spices that work well with your favorite foods to keep things tasty while being mindful of sodium.
  3. Organize your kitchen so it’s efficient and fun to cook.
  4. Keep a list of ingredient swaps handy to reference while cooking.
  5. Chop ahead. Wash, peel, slice, and chop your fruits and vegetables ahead of time. Some grains can be prepped ahead, too. It’s easier to make stir fry, casserole, salads and other quick meals when the ingredients are ready to go.
  6. Set the table for breakfast before bed.
  7. Make lunches the night before.
  8. Make your menu for the week. Sit down when you have time to focus and figure out what you want to make every day. Seeing it on one page can help see how to fit in a great mix of nutrients and options.
  9. Plan meals that use similar ingredients.
  10. Allow for a few no cook meals. Salads, sandwiches, and even crackers or popcorn with cheese and fruits/veggies are great time savers that come together fast. Buying precooked shrimp, rotisserie chicken and canned beans can be fast ways to save time cooking, too.

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