Scream for Ice Cream

Jun 24, 2019

Wondering if ice cream fits into your balanced meals? The simple answer is yes! Portion control and what you pair your favorite scoop with are key to keeping health in mind while enjoying this summertime favorite.

Celebrate Ice Cream Month this year by pairing your scoop with fun toppings to increase both flavor and nutrition. Here are three delicious, inspirational ideas for your next get together or family dinner:

  1. Get seasonal. Summer fruits are sweet and tasty on their own and also add a layer of flavor to meals from appetizer to dessert. July is both blueberry month and ice cream month, and these berries are bursting with nutrition and taste that pairs perfectly with cool and creamy ice cream. Add them to vanilla ice cream and toss in raspberries and/or strawberry slices for a patriotic treat that is easy to serve and eat.


  2. Sprinkle on a pinch of protein. Chopped nuts of any kind or even homemade peanut butter ice cream can help boost the nutrition in your dessert bowl. Portion is important to consider here, but dessert can fit in, especially if the ingredients are carefully selected with both decadence and balance in mind. Instead of sprinkles, for example, nuts can add crunch, nutrients, and interest, instead of “just” extra calories. Toasting nuts pops the flavor, so give that a try before adding your favorite nuts to your ice cream bowl so you get the most flavor for the portion you choose.


  3. Classic combos.
    1. Make a banana split bar! Try grilling bananas and other fruit for a new twist and a fun way to make fruit fit at the end of the meal. You can also offer frozen fruit, nuts, and sliced fresh fruit, along with a variety of ice cream flavors so guests can mix and match. Mini chocolate chips or granola for unique and nutritious options for toppers work great, too.


    2. Roasted strawberry sundaes. Cooking fruit? You bet. Grilling peaches, nectarines, slices of melon, or roasting strawberries is another simple way to mix things up and make fruit festive enough for dessert. Use stemmed or tall, skinny glasses for a pretty, portioned presentation.


    3. Spice things up with savory flavors. Try this black pepper ice cream to surprise and delight your guests with a zesty end to your summer meal.

What will be your new favorite ice cream dessert?

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