Super School Snacks

Jul 25, 2019

You don’t have to be in school to enjoy a good snack. Here are some savvy snack suggestions for your next snack attack.

  • What does it mean to snack? It can mean many things, and different things on different days. Snacks can be like mini meals or they can be a boost until you eat your next meal. There isn’t a wrong way to think about snacks, it’s just what is right for you. It is important to think about what your snack choices are doing for you in terms of your overall intake, but what that means can be many things.
  • Don’t be boring. In other words, if you are eating the same thing over and over, not only is this not that exciting for your taste buds, it could mean you are missing out on balance and a mix of nutrition. An easy fix to help get you pointed in the right direction? Aim for two food groups at a snack instead of just one. Here are some ideas to get you started:
    • String cheese with fruit
    • Peanut butter with veggies or fiber-rich crackers
    • Half a sandwich
    • Veggie soup with cheese shreds
    • Hummus and veggies or toast
    • Popcorn and nuts
    • Milk and a granola bar (read the label for best fiber and nutrition)
    • Your turn! Remember to keep food safety in mind, especially if the snack needs to keep for a while without refrigeration.
  • Make snacks (and meals) matter. Enjoy foods that not only taste good on the run, but also include food safety and health goals. Pick fruits, veggies, and grains with fiber, because they can be great sources of it. Choose condiments and “extras” that pack nutrition, not just calories. Try salsa on salads or sandwiches for a zesty veggie boost where you may not have had one. Consider chocolate milk instead of a candy bar. Read labels on options that look the same but may deliver very different nutrition.

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