New Resources to Help You Serve During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Mar 26, 2020
*Editor's note: This article was updated on November 22, 2020 to reflect the most recent IGA resources and CDC guidance.

As more state governments put stay-at-home orders in place, our stores are becoming some of the only businesses still serving the community. While IGA retailers and wholesalers are clearly rising to the cause, with no clear end in sight, IGA is developing as many resources as possible to aid members during this uncertain time.

These resources are available now:

IGA Alert Website and Weekly Newsletter is your go-to website for the latest information and resources from IGA USA and IGA China, the CDC, NGA, and FMI related to COVID-19. Sign up for the weekly newsletter to have these resources delivered straight to your inbox


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Shopper Messaging and Signage

social distancing-236x300

Let your shoppers know how you're providing a safe and reliable place to shop during the virus outbreak and beyond. We've created shopper-facing social media graphics, blogs, in-store signage, and more to guide your messaging.

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Employee Messaging and Signage

Download or order employee-facing signage created using CDC guidelines to keep your employees safe with proper hand washing and other sanitation and safety tactics to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and other viruses.

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Full COVID-19 Signage Kits 

all signs-300x350

We've gathered all of the COVID-19 signage for your store, including social distancing guidance, pricing fluctuation messaging, and virus prevention steps.

Order directly from IGA Red Oval Partner DG Graphics or click the download button below to print in-store or send to a local print shop.  

Best Practices Archive 

We have renamed the IGA Hometown Proud private Facebook group to focus on Best Practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join the group to share your store's best practices and see what other IGA retailers are doing, or visit the IGA Alert page where we are highlighting best practices in: product availability, safety measures, community outreach, and delivery/eCommerce.

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Crisis Training from the Institute

Reinforce the importance of preparing for a health crisis through protective measures and sanitation. Share these IGA Coca-Cola Institute crisis resource courses with your staff to ensure everyone is properly trained—all classes are free when you create an account.

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Checkout Lane Barriers 


Plexiglass check-out lane barriers prevent airborne droplets from crossing between a shopper and cashier. IGA's Red Oval partner Innomark can quickly make these barriers to custom fit your check-out counters. See the two designs and the best way to install them.

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