Ring in the New Year with Better Choices

Dec 20, 2018

Starting a new year is like hitting the reset button for many of us. Here are 19 simple yet important things you can do to ring in 2019 with better choices to get you well on your way to a great year!

  1. Refresh the refrigerator. Learn what “best by” and “use by” Review items in the fridge and make a plan to use what you have.
  2. Reorganize and stock the pantry to make meal and snack time easier.
  3. Review your kitchen efficiency. Is everything where you want it to be? Is it easy to find things?
  4. Take note of kitchen equipment. Do you have a food thermometer, mixer, can opener, or other gadgets to help meals come together easily?
  5. Make mealtime matter. Think about where you eat and making time to eat together. Family meals at the dinner table can help us connect and can help kids perform better at school.
  6. Aim for three out of five food groups per meal to help build in balance.
  7. Plan your snacks. What food groups are you missing? What’s a better choice that fits your routine? Use snacks as a way to help improve your overall intake.
  8. Include activity throughout the day.
  9. Include fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.
  10. Keep a food diary to help keep track of your intake.
  11. Get adequate sleep.
  12. Drink enough water.
  13. Measure your bowls and cups. It’s easier to estimate portions when you know how much each dish actually holds.
  14. Use a food thermometer when cooking to ensure foods reach their proper temperatures. You can’t tell just by looking.
  15. Wash your hands before, during, and after food preparation.
  16. Try a new recipe.
  17. Revamp an old recipe.
  18. Measure portions of foods instead of eating out of the container or bag.
  19. Enjoy local and seasonal foods to support farmers in and near your community.

Which of these will you try today?

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