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Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Changing shopper behavior. New competitors. Emerging technologies.

How do you as an independent operator overcome the obstacles you face in today’s rapidly changing marketplace? The Independent Grocers Alliance is here to help.

From insightful thought leadership that provides simple solutions and keeps you informed, to innovative tools, resources, and partnerships that helps you perform better than you could do on your own, IGA leverages our collective size and scale to create a point of difference and competitive advantage for grocery entrepreneurs all around the world.

We Believe

Family business and local ownership are an essential part of strong communities

An Alliance of people working together makes us all stronger

What makes you different is what makes you the authentically local store shoppers love

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Where Entrepreneurial Spirit, Innovation and Experimentation Come to Life

From southern Georgia to downtown Seattle, from New South Wales, Australia, to Hunan, China, each IGA store is unique, serving communities of every size, and customers from every economic background. Entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and experimentation are flourishing at IGA with some of the industry’s best-in-class examples of grocery retailing.

Partnerships that Work

IGA retailers have the support of the IGA Alliance, a unique partnership that includes leading wholesalers known as IGA Licensed Distribution Centers, and premier national brand manufacturers and service providers referred to as IGA Red Oval Family Partners. Guided with professional leadership from the IGA USA team, Alliance partners work together to create more sales and profit potential for the Alliance as a whole, and especially for IGA retailers.

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You Don't Have to Do it Alone

With 6,000 stores working toward a common goal and a growing network of partners ready to help turn obstacles into opportunity, IGA retailers have limitless potential! 

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