Give Your Shoppers the Discounts they Want!

Sep 24, 2019

Give Your Shoppers the Discounts they Want!

Are you maximizing your use of IGA’s National Digital Ad? With new offers every two weeks promoted on the Flipp app and, the IGA ad has already been seen by more than 16 million people since launching last October—that's a lot of shoppers looking for great deals.

Your team at IGA created the National Digital Ad to leverage our numbers as the nation’s largest group of independent retailers to offer your shoppers discounts on national brands that they might not otherwise receive at an independent store.

And it's working to attract shoppers—both old and new. “Shoppers who use Flipp are going to it to look for ads and deals,” says Heidi Huff, senior director of Red Oval partnerships and the IGA team member in charge of procuring offers from manufacturing partners. “That means we can help drive new shoppers to IGA because we’re attracting them through a medium where they already are. For current shoppers, they are getting consistent offers in a way they haven’t seen from their local IGA.”

Best of all, there’s no need to sign up, NO COST to participate, and it’s never too late to get started.

So give your shoppers what they're asking for—discounts!


Here's How It Works

  • There are a minimum of six promotional offers each week sourced by IGA. The same ad will be published for all IGA store locations (along with the disclaimer “Offers available at participating stores while supplies last”).
  • Flipp users searching the app or website for grocery stores or products will be served information about each IGA store that corresponds to their search (based on zip code).
  • A new ad with new items will launch every other Sunday; offers will be effective for two weeks.

Ready to level the playing field with shopper-focused offers that put you on par with big box and online retailers? Follow these five steps to get the most out of your National Digital Ad.

  1. Stock The Products
    Watch for emails from Inmar Scanner Apps with a list of promoted offers, and work with your wholesaler/distributors to make sure the products are in stock. Keep in mind that many of the products featured in your National Digital Ad will be store staples, but Red Oval partners will also use IGA’s National Digital Ad to release new, innovative items that make for great promotions.

  2. Program the Offers in Your POS*
    Don’t let your shoppers miss out on these great deals—set aside time every two weeks to add the offers into your POS so that you can attract new shoppers and reward current shoppers.

  3. Display the Free In-Store Signage
    Click here
     to access downloadable, printable signage for each ad offer. And if you haven’t already done so, sign up to order your National Digital Ad POP kit.


  4. Post Free IGA Graphics to Promote the Ad on Your Store’s Social Media Pages
    Once you’ve covered the in-store promotion, the next step is making sure your shoppers see the offers online. IGA takes care of promoting on the Flipp app and on, but you can make a huge impact by promoting on your social media pages. Download free social media graphics to post on your pages, or sign up for IGA social media services through our Red Oval partner AR Marketing to have the offers automatically posted on your store’s social pages for you.

  5. Submit For Reimbursement*
    Once your shoppers have received their offers and the promotional period has ended, run the report and submit to Scanner Apps for reimbursement right away. The sooner you submit for reimbursement, the sooner your store will receive it. Get in the habit of submitting for reimbursement as soon as the promotion ends.

*Keep reading to see how IGA Shopper Rewards takes these steps off your plate!

Simplifying the Process with IGA Shopper Rewards

So now that you have the National Digital Ad down, what should you explore next in the IGA savings lineup?

IGA Shopper Rewards is the next piece of the puzzle, offering not just expanded savings for shoppers, but also an even simpler process for National Digital Ad activation. When you sign on to the IGA Shopper Rewards program for $25 a week, IGA works with Inmar—the nation’s leading promotion solutions provider and IGA’s partner for Shopper Rewards—to embed a piece of code into your POS system that funnels data up into the cloud. That data enables a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Making hundreds of digital coupons available for your shoppers to redeem at your store.
  • Weekly distribution of a personalized email to shoppers reminding them of the ways they can save on products they purchase at your store.
  • Printing exciting discounts at the bottom of each receipt to build loyalty and encourage return visits.

But the single most important element of IGA Shopper Rewards' digital program is the automation of the National Digital Ad.

Hear IGA’s Heidi Huff and John Ross discuss how you can automate your National Digital Ad with participation in the Shopper Rewards program.  

When you participate in the Shopper Rewards program, Inmar automatically sets up each National Digital Ad offer in your POS system and when the ad cycle has come to an end, they will also be able to retrieve your reimbursement report—meaning all that’s left for you to do is promote the products.

To get started with Shopper Rewards, check out this story, watch the informational webinar, and/or schedule your one-on-one consultation so IGA and Inmar can learn more about your store's needs. After that, Inmar will act as the project manager for the platform implementation.

Have questions about any of IGA’s savings initiatives? Contact Sarah Rivers, IGA’s manager, digital marketing, at, and stay tuned to next week’s IGA Minute for more insight about promoting IGA Shopper Rewards to your customers.


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